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Authentic Pays-d’Enhaut Product

A pioneering label

The “Authentic Pays-d’Enhaut Product” brand is celebrating it’s 20th birthday. The label was born out of the initiative of a small group of producers to highlight the products made in the region. We interviewed François Margot, regional adviser to the Pays-d’Enhaut Association.

Which products are covered by the label?
We have slightly more than 100 labelled products, the majority of which are dairy products. Some of the most famous names include Etivaz AOP and tomme Fleurette from Rougemont. We also produce meat products: beef, cured meats and various types of dry sausage, infusions, syrups, and Pays-d’Enhaut honey, of course.

What does the mark guarantee?
As well as demonstrating provenance, the mark is also an indication of quality and the use of ethical and sustainable production methods. The raw materials come from the region and most of the work is done on site under environmentally-friendly conditions. These requirements are seen as being normal today, but that was not the case 20 years ago. However, we can say that we were one of the first in this field. We are now also the last association to have a regional label in French-speaking Switzerland.

Guaranteeing ethical and sustainable production methods

20 years on and the label is still here, what is the secret to its success?
I believe that above all it is due to the quality of our products. The producers (farmers and cheese-makers in particular) know how to take advantage of the label, which gives them a solid anchor in the region. The brand is also absolutely appropriate for our region. The Pays-d’Enhaut is not a mass tourism destination, the visitors who come here are looking for a certain amount of authenticity and intimacy.

Has the next generation arrived?
Yes the younger generation is already invested in the production of alpine cheese, local meats and cheeses, as well as farm produce, they are bringing a new wave of dynamism and entrepreneurship and are more environmentally-aware than the older generation. It’s nice that young people are getting involved. We very happy about it.

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