Camping car

Parking spaces for camper vans

Visiting our region with your van ? Use our van parking spaces to install yourself comfortably to spend the night in the Pays-d'Enhaut !

The places below are accessible and free. In order to get the parking permit, please go to our tourist offices to pay the amount of our Tourist Tax.

Find all the information and plans of the places in our brochure !

  • Rossinière​​​​​​
    Parking at the entrance of the village (close to amenities)
    Address : Route de la Frasse 2-4, 1658 Rossinière (46°28'00.7"N 7°05'06.9"E) 3 places maximum
    Parking of the municipal building (in the center, close to amenities)
    Address : Chemin de l'Eglise 14, 1658 Rossinière (46°28'05.6"N 7°05'02.6"E) 5 places maximum

  • Château-d’Œx
    Camping du Berceau (along the river, on-site restaurant and 10 minutes walk from all amenities)
    Address: Route des Mosses 18, 1660 Château-d’Œx
    Parking Petit Pré (behind the restaurant Chez Massimo, close to amenities)
    Address : Route des Chenolettes 4, 1660 Château-d’Œx (46°28'20.7"N 7°07'32.1"E)
    Parking Ti-Bar (at the entrance of the village, under the Landi shop)
    Address : Route de Saanen 2, 1660 Château-d’Œx(46°28'13.8"N 7°07'42.6"E)
    Parking in the village (in the center, close to amenities)
    Address : Route de Gruyère 42, 1660 Les Moulins (46°27'38.3"N 7°06'22.0"E)
    Parking Monts-Chevreuils (behind the restaurant La Croix d'Or and close to amenities)
    Address : Route de la Rosette, 1660 Les Moulins (46°27'34.2"N 7°06'26.8"E)

  • L'Etivaz
    Parking of the cheese cellars (behind the cheese cellars shop, close to the restaurant Le Chamois)
    Address : Route des Mosses 72, 1660 L'Etivaz (46°25'27.1"N 7°08'40.9"E)

  • La Lécherette
    Municipal park (south of the ski lift, 5 minutes by car from the village Les Mosses)
    Address : Route des Mosses, 1660 La Lécherette (46°25'10.2"N 7°06'24.4"E)
    Place of the "Hongrin" dam (in the middle of nature with a view of the lake, 15 minutes by car from the village Les Mosses)
    Address : Route de L'Hongrin, 1660 La Lécherette (46°25'42.5"N 7°02'51.6"E)

  • Rougemont
    Train station parking (in the center, close to amenities)
    Address : Place de la gare 4, 1659 Rougemont (46°29'18.7"N 7°12'34.4"E)
    Municipal place (in front of the departure of the cable car, close to amenities)
    Address : Le Revers, 1659 Rougemont (46°29'10.7"N 7°12'37.2"E)

No services are available directly on these places. If you wish to empty your campervan or fill your water tank, the Château-d'Œx campsite has all the necessary equipment.



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